We dreamed up Fashionfish when we noticed that there are just not enough cool, quirky and fun ocean-creature designs out there for kiddies. Soon, we'll have a whole cast of characters for "guys and gals without gills" of all ages!

We offer our designs on both 100% cotton and 100% certified organic cotton.

About Our Company

Fashionfish is focused on providing high-quality, creative, fun apparel “for guys and gals without gills.” Launched in 2008, Fashionfish is gearing up to educate people the world over about the unique creatures that inhabit our ocean while at the same time bringing smiles to the faces of those wearing and admiring our fun kiddie t-shirts.

Ocean Conservation & Education

Your purchase supports ocean conservation and education!

Did you know that the ocean covers about 70% of our planet? How many creatures do you think live in that vast ocean? Well, research is underway! So far scientists have described around 230,000 species and they?ve only just started counting!

Fashionfish is committed to educating people?guys and gals without gills?about the ocean and we do it in two ways. The first way is through our own cool tees for toddlers and kiddies that picture real ocean creatures. We just happen to put them in fun situations like our real-life clownfish driving a clown mobile or our bluesy octopus playing a shovelnose guitarfish!

The other way Fashionfish helps ocean conservation and education is by donating 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations to support their valiant efforts!

Currently, we are supporting Passionfish. Founded in 2000, Passionfish is a progressive organization that understands that the ocean is both a resource to be protected and a resource from which to grow and produce healthy food. Our worldwide population keeps growing, putting demands on all of our natural resources. How do we keep the ocean producing food while protecting its many inhabitants? Passionfish knows that the balancing act between conservation and commerce is a tricky one. Help us support Passionfish as they work to solve the problems with their unique suite of public education projects.


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